Exploring Nature with Little Explorers

Fun Activities for Kids Up to 8 Years Old During Nature Walks and Picnics



Nature walks and picnics provide the perfect opportunity for children to connect with the outdoors, fostering a love for the natural world from a young age. Engaging in activities during these outings not only enhances their physical well-being but also sparks curiosity and creativity. In this blog, we'll explore a variety of fun and educational activities that are ideal for kids up to 8 years old during nature walks and picnics.


Nature Scavenger Hunt:

Turn your nature walk into an exciting adventure by creating a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items for the kids to find, such as a pinecone, a smooth rock, or a feather. This activity encourages observation skills and helps children learn about different elements in nature. Download a FREE Scavenger Hunt Activity at the end of the blog!


Leaf Art:

Collect fallen leaves of various shapes and sizes during your walk. Bring along some paper and crayons or colored pencils. Kids can place the leaves under the paper and rub over them with crayons to create beautiful leaf prints. This activity combines creativity with a hands-on exploration of the natural surroundings.


Bird Watching:

Bring binoculars and a simple bird guidebook to introduce kids to the world of bird watching. You can also use The Curious Bees’ Beautiful Birds Flashcards. Encourage them to observe and identify different bird species. You can even pack a small notebook for them to record the birds they encounter. This activity promotes patience, attention to detail, and an appreciation for wildlife.


Nature Journaling:

Provide each child with a small notebook and some colored pencils. Encourage them to record their observations, draw pictures of plants and animals, and jot down any interesting thoughts. Nature journaling is a wonderful way to enhance their communication skills and develop a sense of wonder about the world around them.


Bug Hunt:

Kids are often fascinated by insects. Provide them with small containers, magnifying glasses and The Curious Bees’ Wonder Bugs Flash Cards for a bug-hunting expedition. Gently catch insects and let the children observe them up close before releasing them back into their natural habitat. This hands-on experience encourages an understanding and respect for smaller creatures.


Nature-inspired Picnic:

Turn your picnic into a nature-themed feast. Encourage the kids to help prepare snacks using natural ingredients. For example, you can make "butterfly" sandwiches using cookie cutters or create a fruit salad with a variety of colorful fruits. This activity combines outdoor fun with a bit of culinary creativity.


Rock Painting:

Bring along some smooth, flat rocks and acrylic paints. Allow the children to unleash their creativity by painting the rocks with vibrant colors and patterns. Once dry, these painted rocks can be used as decorative items or left behind as hidden treasures for others to discover during future walks.


Nature walks and picnics offer a plethora of opportunities for kids to explore, learn, and have fun. By incorporating these engaging activities, you not only make the outings memorable but also nurture a lifelong appreciation for the natural world in the young minds. So, pack your bags, grab your little adventurers, and embark on a journey of discovery and delight in the great outdoors!


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