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“Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.”      ~ Loris Malaguzzi

As parents, do you also struggle with keeping your young one’s creative juices flowing? Do you also feel the need to supplement your kid’s learning journey with new age experiential learning, far away from screens?

Voilà, you have come to the right place for your children.

The Curious Bees was born out of a mother's struggle to keep her lovely little toddler away from the menace that are screens. In today’s virtual world, keeping our young ones away from the vast multitude of media forms that exist is a tedious task, and that is where our brand comes in. Ask us, and we’ll tell you our motto is “the more they play, the more they learn!”.

Kanika, our founder and resident mommy-in-charge, whiled away her time trying to buy the perfect set of toys for her two year old, to keep her away from the virtual world of screens. It is during her research endeavor, that she decided to take the plunge to develop her own range of play products and activities. Kanika’s never ending tryst with research and innovation brought her to a common problem most parents face - a lack of quality products encouraging children to explore their creative side. Hence, the idea of an all ranging store, where you can meet all your kid’s learning needs, was born.

Armed with her toddler’s constant encouragement of ‘Mummy, one more activity please!’ and certified testimonials from the mommy and kiddo clubs around her, Kanika’s experimentation and inquisitiveness led her into the big, bold world of children’s products, and well that is how the idea of The Curious Bees came in, where creativity meets curiosity.

Since play is the best form of learning, we bring to you a diverse range of play-based learning products for toddlers and children. Our brand is your one stop solution for all stimulatory learning for young champions aged 0-8 years. With our diverse range of flash cards, themed activity boxes, workbooks, printables, toys and games; we are here to make learning fun! With our trusted customer base expanding, we are gradually establishing a pan-India presence with our unique and fresh range of products for children.

Ranging from brilliant flash cards to make your child’s learning journey a joyride, to the most loved variety of games, workbooks, themed activity boxes, posters and printables - our exclusive range of children-centric products are sure to introduce your kids to the fun and joy of experiential learning. Our exclusive themed gift boxes, custom made to cater to special events and fun holidays, will surely contribute to the joy of gifting.

Check out our store today, to give yourself and your toddler the joy of experiencing, ‘Mommy, one more activity, please!’

“Jitna mushkil safar, utni hi khoobsurat manzil” - this quote summarizes our founder and mommy-in-charge Kanika’s story of innovation, determination and dedication. This wonder mom’s story is no stranger to difficulties, struggles and challenges, but she has overcome them all with her zeal for work and her zest for life and joy. 

Young Kanika had always dreamt of running her own business, and running things her own way to create change. When her daughter Annanya was born, she felt reborn in several different ways - one of which was her new found concern for her daughter’s holistic development. Early on in her motherhood journey, Kanika understood that traditional parenting is not for her (read: the age-old cry-it-out method); and through her endeavor to learn more, she started researching about different teaching-learning methods and stumbled upon the experiential learning paradigm. She read and read and read all about age appropriate learning activities, and discovered all about sensory, motor and language development for kids. Armed with her newfound knowledge, Kanika set out on a mission - to equip parents with resources so that they can equip their young children with everyday knowledge, through experiential learning, while keeping them away from the big, bad world of technology. 

Kanika flew solo with her wonderful idea. Juggling life as the mother of an infant and launching a business simultaneously was no mean task. Initially, she put in long hours and did everything on her own - from designing the activities, to sourcing raw materials, working with vendors, marketing and whatnot. But there is nothing a mother can’t do right? It is rightly said that the Gods couldn’t be everywhere so they created mothers. As a fruit of her efforts, her labor of love - our brand, The Curious Bees launched in October 2019. The sales started in December 2019, and much to Kanika and everyone’s surprise, the response was stunning. Parents all across the country were ordering products from The Curious Bees; and sales skyrocketed - all because of a mother’s endeavor to make learning fun, while keeping her kid away from the screen.

Gradually, the business expanded and Kanika’s tribe also grew as more and more people started joining the brilliant team at The Curious Bees. The community of mothers who supported Kanika’s work also grew exponentially, and love and support poured in from all corners. We participated in exhibitions, saw our brand name grow even in the midst of the pandemic, and received appreciation from industry leaders and experts in the field. The quality of our products, the depth of research put in and Kanika’s vision and leadership are all driving factors in the success of the brand. 

While the journey hasn’t been easy - coming with its own set of challenges and strife; they have never impeded the path of growth of the brand. Even the pandemic did not deter the goals of the brand; Kanika has always looked at adversities as a learning opportunity and sees learning and unlearning as a constant endeavor, in a bid to improve the brand.  Kanika and the brand have always emerged victorious, with the support of her stellar team, her encouraging network of family and friends and most importantly, her ever-growing family of genuine customers. 

Ask Kanika about her journey, and she will tell you -  “It has been a very fulfilling experience; the process of building this brand makes me feel alive and joyous. It gives me immense pride to think that I am working towards building something so meaningful, and now I know that my daughter will always look up to me, not just as her doting, loving mother but also as a successful independent woman, making her own indelible mark on the world.”

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