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Introducing the Early Learning Combo Set of 5 - a delightful collection of flashcards designed to empower parents and inspire screen-free childhoods for our young learners. At The Curious Bees, we are on a mission to nurture young minds and foster a love for learning from an early age.


Alphabet Flashcard Set: Embark on a captivating journey through the world of letters with our Alphabet Flashcard Set. Featuring both capital and small English letters, each card showcases vibrant illustrations for easy association. These cards are the perfect learning companion, aiding in teaching phonics, enhancing language skills, and nurturing early speech development.


Numbers Flashcard Set: Unveil the magical realm of numbers with our Numbers Flashcard Set. These double-sided cards are brimming with engaging activities to encourage association, enrich learning, and promote cognitive development. Your child will not only grasp the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division but also gain insight into the concepts of greater than and less than.


Shapes and Colors Flashcard Set: Our unique pack of 36 flashcards is a gateway to understanding the captivating world of shapes and colors that surround us. Each card features a colorful illustration on one side and an interactive activity on the other. These carefully crafted cards aim to enhance memory, visual sense, spatial understanding, and overall cognitive development.


Animals Flashcard Set: Learning becomes an adventure with our Animals Flashcard Set. With 36 high-quality and beautifully illustrated cards, your child will embark on a journey to discover diverse creatures and their natural habitats. Each card presents a stunning illustration of the animal on one side and a high-quality image of its habitat on the other, sparking curiosity and encouraging learning through play.


Everyday Objects Flashcard Set: Open the doors to knowledge with our Everyday Objects Flashcard Set. These 36 double-sided flashcards feature beautiful illustrations that introduce your child to 72 essential everyday objects in both English and Hindi. By understanding the world around them, your little ones will develop a stronger connection to their environment.


Activity-Based Learning for 1+ Years: Our self-play flashcards offer an excellent learning tool suitable for play, homeschooling, and primary school classrooms. Designed to enhance memory, retention, creativity, cognitive skills, and linguistic intelligence, these cards make learning a joyful and enriching experience for children aged 2 and above.

Playing and learning with our Early Learning Combo Set of 5 is a breeze! Here's a simple guide to make the most out of these engaging flashcards:


  1. Alphabet Adventure: Choose a letter card and encourage your child to identify both the uppercase and lowercase letters. Associate each letter with its corresponding picture, fostering phonetic recognition and language development.
  2. Number Magic: Let the numbers come to life! Select a number card and delve into exciting activities that promote addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division concepts. Create fun mathematical games to strengthen your child's numerical prowess.
  3. Shape and Color Discovery: Explore the world of shapes and colors together! Pick a flashcard and discuss the shape or color depicted. Engage in creative activities to reinforce your child's understanding of these essential concepts.
  4. Animal Safari: Embark on an animal safari adventure! Each animal flashcard reveals fascinating information about the creature and its habitat. Encourage your child to mimic the animal sounds, sparking curiosity and building knowledge of the animal kingdom.
  5. Everyday Wonders: Discover the everyday objects we encounter! With bilingual flashcards in English and Hindi, help your child learn and recognize objects from their surroundings. Engage in interactive conversations about the significance of each item.
  6. Activity Fun Time: Let imagination take the lead! These versatile flashcards are ideal for interactive learning games, and creative storytelling. Encourage your child to create their narratives, enhancing cognitive skills and linguistic intelligence.


Invest in your child's future with our pocket-friendly Early Learning Combo Set of 5, available at the best prices. At The Curious Bees, we believe in providing a worthwhile investment for your little ones, igniting the spark of curiosity and nurturing a lifelong love for learning.

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