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Introducing our enchanting Diwali Gift Box, tailor-made to ignite the festive fervor in young hearts!


Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with vibrant traditions, ancient tales, and boundless creativity? If so, our Special Edition Diwali Gift Box, designed exclusively for 3-8-year-olds, is your passport to seven days of delightful festivities.


Inside this treasure trove of Diwali wonders, you'll find a symphony of arts and crafts, storytelling, and hands-on fun, all wrapped up in one captivating package.


What's Inside:


  1. Ramayana Story Cards: Each card is adorned with vivid illustrations that captivate young minds. Flip them over, and you'll uncover the epic tales of Lord Ram and his heroic adventures—a perfect way to introduce your little ones to our rich cultural heritage.
  2. Puppets Making: Craft your very own cast of characters, including Lord Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman, and the formidable Ravana. These handcrafted puppets bring the Ramayana to life and set the stage for interactive Pretend Play sessions.
  3. Diwali Colouring Mat: Add a splash of color to your festivities! The Ramayana Colouring Mat invites your child to recreate the heartwarming homecoming scene. It's a canvas for their imagination, where creativity knows no bounds.
  4. Diya Painting: Dive into the art of tradition with diya decoration. Your little ones can personalize their very own diya, infusing it with their unique flair and warmth—a timeless Diwali ritual.
  5. Rangoli Making: Transform your surroundings into an artistic masterpiece! Our edible rangoli colors and designs will help your child create intricate patterns that adorn your home with grace and beauty.
  6. DIY Lamp: Illuminate your home with DIY craftsmanship. Craft a beautiful lamp, because during Diwali, there can never be enough lights!
  7. Greeting Card: Lastly, share the love and warmth of Diwali with a heartfelt greeting card-making activity. Your child's creation becomes a heartfelt gift for the entire family, radiating love and unity.

Step 1 - Ramayana Tales: Start your journey with the Ramayana Story Cards. Read and narrate the epic tales to your child, fostering a love for our cultural heritage.


Step 2 - Puppet Theater: Dive into imaginative storytelling with the handcrafted puppets. Encourage Pretend Play, where your child becomes the hero of their own Diwali adventure.


Step 3 - Creative Expression: Unleash artistic flair with the Diwali Colouring Mat. Together, recreate the heartwarming return of Lord Ram and relive the magic.


Step 4 - Diya Decor: Dive into tradition with Diya Painting. Decorate the diya together, infusing it with love and creativity.


Step 5 - Rangoli Magic: Take the festivities outside with Rangoli Making. Bond with your child over intricate designs that brighten your surroundings.


Step 6 - Craft Your Light: Craft your own Diwali lamp as a family, adding a warm glow to your home.


Step 7 - Heartfelt Greetings: Finally, create a memorable greeting card with your child. It's a symbol of love and togetherness, a perfect gift for loved ones.


This Diwali Gift Box is designed for children of various ages, making it an ideal choice for Diwali parties and get-togethers. Immerse your family in the magic of Diwali and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 

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