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Diwali Gift Box for 3-8 Year Olds - Ignite the Festival Magic!


Are you ready to immerse your little ones in the enchantment of Diwali? Look no further! Our exclusive Diwali Gift Box, available only during this festive season, is here to kindle the joy of the Festival of Lights. Crafted with love, it's the ideal present to ignite their creativity and celebrate the magic of Diwali.


Inside this radiant box, you'll find a treasure trove of festive delights that'll keep your child's spirits soaring. From captivating Ramayana Story Cards to crafting delightful puppets, painting their own diyas, and designing stunning rangoli art, this box offers an array of enchanting activities that capture the essence of Diwali.


Activities Included:


  1. Ramayana Story Cards: Each card is a vivid work of art, bringing the epic tale to life in vibrant colors. Flip them over, and you'll uncover a captivating narrative that you can share with your child. It's not just storytelling; it's a fun-filled activity that engages young minds in story sequencing.
  2. Puppets Making: Let your child's creativity shine as they craft puppets featuring beloved characters like Lord Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman, and Ravana. These puppets are perfect for immersive Pretend Play sessions, where the magic of Diwali comes to life in their imaginative world.
  3. Diya Painting: Unleash your child's artistic talents as they color and adorn their very own diya using the provided materials. It's a hands-on experience that lets them create a beautiful piece of Diwali decor.
  4. Rangoli Making: Transform your doorstep into a canvas of vibrant colors with our edible rangoli colors. Your child can craft intricate rangoli designs, adding a touch of tradition and elegance to your home's entrance.


This versatile activity box is designed to cater to children of various ages, making it an ideal gift for Diwali parties and get-togethers. Whether it's a family gathering or a playdate, the Diwali Gift Box promises hours of festive fun and learning for children aged 3-8.

Ramayana Story Cards: Gather your little ones, spread out the colorful story cards, and dive into the epic journey of Lord Ram. Encourage them to explore the illustrations and narrate the tale, making it an engaging and educational storytelling experience.


Puppets Making: Unleash their creativity by guiding them through puppet crafting. Together, assemble the characters from the Ramayana, and let your child's imagination run wild with Pretend Play scenarios inspired by the epic saga.


Diya Painting: Set up a cozy Diwali crafting corner and provide your child with the diya and painting materials. Watch as they express themselves through art and create unique, personalized diyas that can be proudly displayed during the festival.


Rangoli Making: Bond with your child while creating beautiful rangoli patterns at your doorstep. Use the provided edible rangoli colors to craft intricate designs, adding a touch of tradition to your Diwali decorations.


Festive Gatherings: Share the joy! Bring out the Diwali Gift Box during family gatherings or playdates. Encourage children to collaborate on crafts, swap stories, and celebrate Diwali together. It's a fantastic way to foster a sense of community and festive spirit.


This Diwali, let the Diwali Gift Box illuminate your child's heart with the magic of tradition, creativity, and joyful learning. Order now and make this Diwali a truly memorable celebration for your little ones!

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